Direct Customers

The treatment was simply great! Very professional and calm ambience! I will definitely recommend to others and come back! Thank you!

Agata Mathiasen

Fantastic result on eye lash perming! Very friendly and welcoming!

Desiree Tan

Very good & professional service. Enjoy chatting with the beautician.

Tracy Liew

Very relaxing! Result of Eye lash perming is expected!


Pleasant and relaxing experience. Beautician is meticulous and knowledgeable.

Margaret P.

Patient, nice environment, professional.

Song Shan Shan

Wonderful experience, painless process to get my eye lash curled.


Excellent service, detail explanation!

Yi Lin

Good service & very nice personal. Overall happy with the facial treatment done!

Lilna Low

Comfortable experience, professional explanation & services.

Rosalind Wang

Clear explanation of services, treatments and products. Anna is knowledgeable and professional. Thank you!

Leo Li Min

Very satisfied with the results! Overall experience was superb, the service, products used, comfort and painless procedures – HIGHLY RECOMMENDED AND EXCELENT!


End result of eye lash perming was much better than expected!

Lai Yin Xiang

Very patient and nice beautician. Overall satisfying service!

Gu Deyu

Whiter skin, dark circle reduced after the facial and eye treatment. Very relaxing face massage!

Cherrie Siu

The consultant is very nice and friendly. The ambience is so relaxing. I am very satisfied with the facial treatment.

Milan Joan Cuyuguan

Excellent service, very comfortable facial – great experience!

Joy Tan

Very impressed. Eyelash is extremely natural and nice. Skilful and professional. Nice environment too!

Faith Kiew

Very relaxing and soothing. Anna has a nice firm but gentle touch. My skin feels nice and smooth. Thank you.

Rosemarie Baudzus

Good and relaxing facial session. No pain on extraction.

Alvina Ong

(Eye Lash Extension) Very knowledgeable, patient. No hard sell. Speaks well!

Sharon Chua
(Eye Lash Perming) Easy to make the reservation, location is close to MRT station. Treatment was well done. The beautician took time to explain the steps. Thanks!

Michelle Lim

Very gentle, informative and assuring!

Naviko Lim

The eye lash extension session was comfortable, friendly and good service!

Janis Kong

The facial is very relaxing, no discomfort at all, very nice experience!

Angela Steffens

Comfortable products used does not feel heavy and some are scented. Overall good experience!

Xin Yu

Feel very satisfactory after the eye lash perming & it looks natural.

Cheryl Lee

A very relaxing and therapeutic facial. The skin feels refreshed and firm after the facial. Anna is gentle and careful when massaging the face and shoulder, the right amount of strength is used. I like it that she does her job quietly and allowed me the time to relax and enjoy the facial.

April Teo

Anna did a fine job. Her facial massage was excellent with good pressure and smooth application. I enjoyed it very much!

Joan Shah

Facial massage was very good! J A bit cold. Machine treatment could be longer.

Amy Wang

Good & detailed explanation. Nice & personalised service.

Alvina Ong

Amazing result, really nice and welcoming atmosphere! Going to make the advance booking for next session!

Angela Steffens

Friendly and good service from Anna. Totally recommended!

Cassandra Neo
The facial was very comfortable, especially when it came to the facial massage and eye massage. Beautician very friendly.

Nicole Tan

Very well & wonderful service. Very professional! Loved it!

Chantel Windley (Eyelash perming)

Very great service! Will recommend to friends and family and definitely will come back.

Nurfarahin Zainol (Eyelash extension)

Eyelash perm is great! My eye lash got curled up very well! I really happy with my permed eye lash!

Rika Yamaguchi

Good service & awesome result!

Yvonne Ng

Pleasant experience. The beautician is really friendly & patient.

Cheryl Lau

Serve kindly & good, happy with the eye lash treatment result. Thank you.

Nguyen Thi Ngoc Han

Very good service – friendly and accommodating to customers’ needs. Goes above and beyond a normal beautician and what is required of her.

Joylynn Tan

Very friendly and wonderful customer service & skills. Results were better than expected. Thank you for your wonderful service!

Lynn Ho

Very caring & meticulous beautician, high quality service!

Caryn Chua

A lot of personal touch. Will return for more services!

Janet Choong

Service was good, good facilities and comfortable.


Very professional, friendly service. Therapist is very patient and overall experience is great!

Kyra Lim

Soft feel handling, no irritation, good! Will come back again!

Coniel Pang (Eye Lash Perming service)

Great experience and very professional!

Caitlyn Joy

Had tried eye lash perming and facial treatment. Friendly, skilful, very patient and knowledgeable beautician!

Christel Chan

Service was personalised! Good attention given to customers, good ambience too! Enjoy the soothing music!

Catherine Segar
The eye lash perming + treatment was very good and I am very pleased with the result! In addition, the beautician explained everything in details.

Vanessa Ng

Had tried eye lash perming and facial treatment. Friendly, skilful, very patient and knowledgeable beautician!

Christel Chan

Anna is really skilled in her job and the most gentle beautician I’ve ever encounter. Will definitely come back!

Denise Thng

Great service, excellent workmanship, will recommend to others and will come back again!

Adelle Wong

Good service provided, nice environment, very comfortable. Comfortable with the products especially the nice smell! Can feel the skin firmer after the 1st treatment.

Jean Kon

Service was professional and comfortable. The beautician is extremely polite and knowledgeable in beauty services! Thank you!

Melinda Khor

The beautician was really professional and sweet. I enjoyed the service tremendously as she was gentle and took care to explain the details of the treatment to me. Will be back in future!

Mun Yee

Great service! Will visit again!

Ng Shi Jie

Anna is professional and she listens to what I like or not to create this makeover for me. Totally love it! I have recommended her to my friends and family.

Hwi Ying

Gentle and pays attention to details. Great experience!

Jaime Chang

The procedures was done with patience and gentleness. The end result was very satisfying! Thank you!


Friendly therapist and very informative, gentle hands as well.

Jade Cheng

Beautician is very courteous and thoughtful, service is well done and made me feel really comfortable throughout the process. Thank you very much!

Grace Chan

The facial treatment was excellent, very professional and beautician skills are perfect. Will recommend to friends for sure and there will be second time for other services.

Jeavney Tan

Warm & personalised. Definitely will be back!

Miriam R

I came for eye lash extension service. The service is good, personalised treatment with attention to detail!

Pamela Chan

Anna is very personable and makes me feel like a friend not a customer. She gives sincere advise with no pressure on the customer to spend more. I enjoy the massage on both hands and feet. The lovely lavender essential oil she uses soothes the nerves and immediately relaxes the mind. I’ll definitely come back again for her facial treatment!

April Teo

Anna was very friendly and professional. The treatment was really amazing because my eye lashes are super curly and thick after the treatment!

Isabelle Mathew

Anna is really detailed, patient and gentle. She also provided good recommendations. Thank you so much!

Jeelian Leong

Service was great. No hard sell. Very friendly and pleasant environment.

Michelle Ho

Friendly approach. Patience, nice ambience and comfortable.

Jessica Cheng

Good quality and very good caring service!

Rachel Oh

Good service, well done, no hard sell. I like it here, friendly, professional. Good!!!

Charrie Chan

I came to The Beauty Star for eye lash perming. The treatment was nice, with no remaining stickiness or harsh smell.


Exceptional service, very attentive and well-taken care of. Satisfied with eyelash perming.

Clarissa Chiang

Very good service and I like how she would suggest services and no hard selling of packages, Very well done! Will definitely come back!

Sian Chan

The Eye Lash perming is done well with the procedure was soothing and stress free.

Lau Ying Ying

The environment in The Beauty Star is very comfortable, great service and friendly attitude. The eye lash perm looks natural and I like it so much!

Maggie Lee

The Spa Facial was so relaxing and I have full confidence that my face will be taking care of.

Celine Chian

The service was good and enjoyable, therefore I decided to sign up the facial treatment package!

Ms. Poh

My skin is feeling wonderful after I tried up the Hydra Sensi Imperial Treatment and DermaClean Clearapeutic Treatment in The Beauty Star, so soft and moisturized! I had that feeling only once in my life after Mary Key Cosmetic.

Iullia G.

I suffered from severe acne vulgaris after I’m back from my oversea exchange program. The acnes totally diminished my self-confidence. I’ve tried tons of products, seen the GP, went for facials but none actually works. Thankfully, I was introduced to Anna…

Ms. SC

My Hydra Sensi Imperial treatment over at The Beauty Star, was a wonderful experience. The service provided by Anna was very professional, she is very well-trained. Most importantly, she’s very attentive to my needs which made the whole treatment very comfortable.

Ms Vivienne Yue

This whole treatment felt so good with amazing massage technique along with the smoothing products applied on my face that made my skin feel moisturize, overall it’s a very comforting experience with the service that The Beauty Star provided.

Ms Sharon Ong

The Perfect White Cell Treatment is really refreshing, it’s perfect as Anna’s made the whole treatment very relaxing and I will definitely come back for more treatments!

Ms Elena

Anna definitely made me felt exclusive during the treatment with her heartwarming and personalized services to cater to my needs, the whole facial treatment felt wonderful with Anna’s Superb facial massage skill! I can really felt the dedication and hard work she put in to make the whole treatment perfect!

Ms Clarice

Getting the whole whitening and brightening treatment at a very clean environment in the salon, felt really good with the attentive care from Anna. I am coming back for more services in the upcoming weeks!

Mdm Sa’edah

I suffered from severe acne vulgaris after I’m back from my oversea exchange program. The acnes totally diminished my self-confidence. I’ve tried tons of products, seen the GP, went for facials but none actually works. Thankfully, I was introduced to Anna. Unlike other commercialized facial salons, Anna paid specific attention to my problems and followed up closely with my diet, daily skincare routine and my skin condition. Despite being the Co-founder of the salon, she personally attend to her customers and charges at really reasonable prices. After my short 6 sessions, my skin condition improves vastly. All my big fat pimples subsided and leaving only the marks now. I’m really glad to know about The Beauty Star and thank you Anna for your help.

Ms. SC

I tried the facial treatment called the Hydra Sensi Imperial Treatment in The Beauty Star recently and it is really value for money without any hidden cost or additional cost. No hard sell tactic too and that’s what I really like. Thanks Anna for the good service!

Mary Ng

I’ve been facing acne and pimples problem since I started to work in Singapore, due to the stressful working environment. So I started to search for treatment to my acnes problem, and luckily I met Anna. At the first time when I was having facial treatment in The Beauty Star, I was being asked to sign up for the facial package, but I was kind of rejected her, because I’ve been heard from my friends about how they’ve been cheated by the big commercial beauty salon of signed up the 10-20 sessions of facial package. But after a first try of facial treatment session with Anna, I found out the result is quite good. So I continue to find Anna for helping me to solve my acnes problem, and decided to sign up for the facial package. I was so struggling of signing up the package as I needed to spend an amount of expenses even though the prices are reasonable. But now, I feel that it is totally worth of it. She always keeps follow up to my skin condition, give advises to my daily meal and skincare routine, and finally my skin is recovering now. And she always likes to share her knowledge with generosity and thoughtfulness. Thank you, Anna..I’m so happy and feel lucky that I’ve met you here.

Celeste Lee

I am very happy with the facial treatment. My skin now smoother and firmer. Service is excellent – very personalised, professional & sincere.

Mdm. Pang

Anna is tremendously personable, personal and amazing at what she does. She has the magic touch and gives you and your face the utmost attention and care. I love how warm she is and how she walks you through the products she is using on your face and what it does, allowing the client to know what is actually going on. She has found herself a regular client. I am very happy with her services and will continue to recommend her to my friends.

Carlene Castaineda

My skin is feeling wonderful after I tried up the Hydra Sensi Imperial Treatment and DermaClean Clearapeutic Treatment in The Beauty Star, so soft and moisturized! I had that feeling only once in my life after Mary Key Cosmetic.

Iullia G

Hi Anna, thanks for your kind service on my big day. It was very professional and I am very grateful to find you. I will surely recommend your service to my other friends.

Khoo ML

“In my hairdresser’s shop, opened a small room for beauty services called “The Beauty Star”.

The young owner is Anna Lim.

I was invited to try up her manicure, pedicure and eyelash extension services. However, I must admit that at first I was not too confident of her services within that small room! I was more used to big & posh Spa Salon for my personal beauty requirements. I was absolutely WRONG with my assumption of the outward decor & location of Spa to determine their genuine services!

Anna is not only a real beauty therapist but an all rounder professional in beauty services. Talking with her revealed the depth of her knowledge in the beauty arena. Moreover, she uses top end products on her customers because she believes in providing the best genuine services to her customers as on herself. I was glad I tried her mani & pedicure services, as well as eyelashes extension to realize that she emphasize so much on cleanliness and comfort for her customers. I was so pleased with my eyelash extension that I did not even feel I had eyelash extension done. It was so comfortable and look natural! Because of my confidence in her, I signed up packaged courses for mani & pedicure as well as eyelashes extension. I am now considering the facial package too because she is not only so clean in handling all services but very gentle and soft in handling clients personally. This kind of personal service, you will never get from big & renowned beauty salon spas. Using Anna’s services also taught me a lesson that we should not look at the outward dressing of Beauty Salon to determine their services. Although “The Beauty Star” is located in a small room at the basement of Bukit Timah Shopping Centre, but their services you get is first class, more than comparable to the big timers in the beauty line. I highly recommend you to try out Anna’s services to agree with me!”

Ivy Yong

Today is my 1st time attending Etiquette and Image workshop. From this workshop, we learned the beauty from inside out. From image to etiquette like skin care, make-up, proper attire, standing, sitting, walking posture, meeting and greeting….. I realized that I was a woman who does not have proper image and deportment! I was impressed by the trainers who are very graceful too! Let’s learn to become an elegant woman from ‘heart’!


“I would like to thank Anna from The Beauty Star to give me such a wonderful experience. It’s definitely one of the best eyelash extension I have tried so far as there’s is no discomfort caused to my eyes. The eyelash used is soft and light unlike the previous ones that i have tried with the same amount of money spent in others beauty shop. Thanks for beautifying my eyes ;)”


“I have an allergic skin. I am afraid of having make up which will turn my skin into red and swollen. But the attentiveness of Anna and good quality cosmetic used free my worries…. Thanks Anna.”

Lee Mei Ni

“Anna is highly creative and brings a lot of refreshing ideas to the table. She has strong colour sense and superb blending techniques, mixing colours I would have never thought look so good together on me! As a great communicator, she ensures that she understands your needs so that your expectations can be fulfilled. Above all, she pours her heart and soul into making the gorgeous you, you never knew possible.”

KE, Late Twenties, Medical Operations Manager

I really enjoyed the workshop and love it so much. I will recommend to my friends. Thanks for advice and idea for make-up. I found back my confidence. Yeah!

Catherine Foo

This is my 1st time attending beauty related workshop. I was so impressed with the workshop come with the combination of internal and external beauty. Through this workshop, I just realized that a true beauty is not limited to our outlook, but is a combination of personal image, deportment, and manners/attitude.

Thanks to Anna who introduced me this workshop. She has proven that every woman can be beautiful as long as we are willing to put little bit more effort. Well done The Beauty Star! I hope they can organize a series of similar workshop again in future!

Jessie Koh

“Anna was introduced to me by my friend. She is a great beautician cum make-up artist, and she managed to turn me, an ugly duckling, into a lady whom everybody says is charming and pretty. I am very grateful to her, and smiles warmly both inside and outside whenever I see the transformation in my looks. Everybody around me couldn’t recognize me, and was astonished by my complete makeover. I can’t thank Anna enough to give me this transformation. I finally can be the pretty girl I have always dreamed to be. Thank you Anna. God bless.”


“I would like to take this opportunity to thank you Ms Anna the professional beautician from The Beauty Star for her great make up skill.

She has done an excellent make up for my ROM day which make me so outshine on that day. Her good professional image consultation and her good advices/suggestions which she has given to me prior my ROM as well as the make-up products which she used is hypo allergy free that is so good and has not caused any skin irritation for my sensitive skin.

She has carefully planned for my ROM and she is like a personal image consultant to me which has help me carefully chosen some nice fresh flowers for my Hair do and her professional beauty image skill which has make me so different from others on my big day. She also possesses outgoing personality which give us a very enjoyable, comfortable and relax make up session.

We take this opportunity to thank you Ms Anna for her great job and will greatly recommend her good service to our friends.”

Yvonne Tan

“For a friend’s wedding this year, I’ve engaged Anna to come over to my home to do my hair and make-up. She understood the image that I wanted and was able to make it into a reality. Guests at the wedding commended me on my look thus needless to say, I will definitely engage her again in future and recommend her to my friends.”

Mrs. Yee, Singapore

“After I went to The Beauty Star for my prom night make-up and I thought I’d been transformed into a fairy tale’s princess. Anna is also very friendly and considerate – she would ask and take note of your personal preference then work her magic around it.

Afterwards, she did my hair into a flower braid, a unique hairdo that nobody else had at the prom. I will definitely recommend her to everyone because she is a true professional that know her stuff.

After engaging her service, I also got chance to be her model. I was impressed by her work as she changed my mundane long hair into beautiful hairdo with intricate designs. Therefore I would urge you to give it a try as well.”


“I had a very pleasant experience with Ms Anna Lim, EPT. The magic touch of her hands was so gentle that I hardly felt the delicate lash planted one at a time on me. She was very patient and took every effort to ensure client’s satisfaction.

The quality of the lashes used was superior and I must praise her integrity in business. My “Million Dollar Elegant Bun” was what many commented on me during an important event. She took the liberty to analyze my face shape, artistically crafted the short hair of mine.

Great appreciation for a work well done and will recommend you service to all my associates, friends and clients. Wish you success, healthy and pretty in all your undertakings. God Bless you richly!”

Agnes Koh, EMT,
Director of Etiquette & Image International

“I have been visiting Singapore from Australia and first came upon Anna when I was doing shopping. She noticed that I had a very poor eyelash extension job done by someone else and kindly offered to fix it for me.

I have been going to her ever since for her 1st time of service. As I stay in a hotel while I am here, she accommodates me by coming to my room and servicing me there. I do not even have to travel to her. Her rates are very reasonable and she takes extreme care and shows great patience.

I would gladly recommend her to others and will not consider going to anyone else for any beauty needs or services. I was pleased to know that she had started her own business and wish her every success. She is honest and hardworking, and will do things your way. Good luck Anna. May the Gods be kind to you and your family.”

Mrs. Bob, Australia.

“Anna has done an excellent job and still does. Very innovating and full of ideas. She is an artist of beauty! Well done Anna.”

Ms. Girl.

“I went to The Beauty Star for my prom make-up on 26/11/12 and I found her service to be fantastic as she is very polite.

She also applied make-up that made me stand out as well as help me design a hairstyle. I would recommend her to everyone as she has a good working attitude as well as very good skills.”

Wan Er

“I am honored to know Anna and being her model with full gratitude. It is because the make-over (make-up & hair-do) she did suit me very much, she made me looks gorgeous and won praises from friends around.

Besides, her pleasant personality and do things with care had created an enjoyable and relaxing make-up session for me. The cosmetic she used are also very good quality and made me free from worry.”


“Anna is a professional makeup artist. Patient as she is, she caters well to the needs of her customers and her ability to do a makeover to suit my personality is remarkable! Well done, Anna.”

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