Business Etiquette Courses

Business Etiquette Course

Business Etiquette Course

Why Etiquette So Important Today?

Good etiquette has a significant bearing on your personal, social and professional life:

(a) It is auxiliary to your personal success

Savvy decorum in the workplace and society not only help to forge positive and healthy relationships, it will place you in the forefront of personal success and higher market-value in today’s competitive landscape.

(b) It strikes a good first impression

It is said that it takes less than 30 seconds to make a first impression. With proper etiquette, it will seal that first impression positively and open door to opportunities.

(c) It enlarges your social circle and extends your influence

With good etiquette, you will be well received by the people around you and your sphere of influence in the social and professional field will naturally be enlarged.

(d) It boasts your confidence and earns respect from others

A person with proper etiquette will feel good about himself/ herself and treat others with respect, and in turn promotes reciprocity.

(e) It promotes and encourages social grace

Whether you are in a social or a workplace setting, you can save yourself from any embarrassment when you are polished, poised and proper in conducting yourself and according the same to others.

We recommend the following equipping to empower you socially and professionally:

1. ) Business Etiquette

(a) Study about manners and etiquette

(b) Practice the right posture in sitting, standing and walking

(c) Carry the professional dress code and image well

(d) Master the perfect handshake and how to make a proper introduction

(e) Discover the proper way of addressing a person with greeting techniques

(f) Learn the professional way to exchange business card

(g) Be trained in meeting and conference etiquette

(h) Look out for taboos to avoid in the first meeting


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