Why Choose Us

How Different Are We That You Should Choose Us?

1.) One-stop Professional Consultancy And Services

Our professional beauty services and image consultancy is housed under one roof where you can enjoy our bespoke services hassle-free with convenience.

2.) 3-Pronged Practical Approach

With the increasing demands of a modern society, we seek continual relevancy in delivering innovative, actionable and result-oriented services with holistic solutions to your personal, social and professional front, through your “ABC”: Appearance, Body Language/ Behaviour and Communication.

3.) Personalized Services Tailored To Your Needs

One at a time is our core business value. With our one-to-one personalized artistry in both beauty and grooming services, we address your needs more in-depth with greater intentness.

4.) End-to-end Personalized Services To Ensure Visible Results

We are hands-on in helping you through your journey of transformation by providing holistic solutions from beauty services to personal grooming, one-to-one coaching and etiquette equipping and training, in order to value-add to your personal “brand” with visible results.

5.) Trusted Professionalism With Credibility And Reliability

We are on board the Association of Image Consultants International (AICI) as a Skilled Member. AICI is a leading and largest professional association of personal and corporate image consultants worldwide. It is dedicated to advancing the level of professionalism and enhancing the recognition of image consultants since 1990. We uphold its vision in abiding by true professionalism and service-integrity.

6.) Corporate Equipping and Training Designed For Your Business

Our services go beyond the walls of our centre to the classroom where we can conduct corporate equipping and training on carrying the image and voice of your corporate brand.

Our Brand

Our Brand Identity is designed with a defined Brand DNA that resonates our core value of a total experience in personalized and professional beauty and image consultancy services with client-eccentricity. It is a mark of professionalism with distinction and credibility with trust.

The star icon symbolizes a place of influence and a “shining” presence. It is an epitome of prestige, with quality services in Beauty and Image Consultancy. The curve connecting the star icon typifies a smooth transition of transformation into a “NEW-you”. The alphabet “B” is stylishly modified to represent the “Body” since it requires packaging, as well as an embodiment of “B”eauty. The brand name is combined as a single word to symbolize a one-stop holistic service provider, reinforced by a brand positioning statement to generate higher brand recall for both beauty and image consultancy services. The new brand identity exudes charisma and confidence with an attractive and desirable colour combination that appeal to both men and women: (1) Turquoise, which is psychologically associated with self-expression, healing, balance and harmony, creativity and evoking inspiration; (2) Purple, which is an intuitive colour that is psychologically associated with sense of beauty, uniqueness, creativity, royalty, sincerity and truth. This contrasting colour combination of Turquoise and Purple, exhibit cool and warm characteristics, that position BeautyStar as a service provider who is able to handle Clients’ profiling types of extreme spectrum.


We are dedicated in serving and grooming every customers as unique individuals, helping them to discover their potential and maximize their natural assets to be empowered in their personal, social and professional life, with an enhanced image and presence.


An integrated personalized wellness centre of Choice in Southeast Asia.

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