A few words About Us

First Impression Wins – Be A Star That Shines!

Your appearance speaks volumes about you- the first impression either make or break you within seconds.

Your image is our business. At BeautyStar, we provide personalised artistry in both beauty and grooming services. We believe that everyone can be a star that shines of its own brilliance since each of us has our own natural beauty, emotionally and physically.

We help you first to enhance your natural assets and uncover the quintessential you in order to maximise your full potential to empower you in your personal, social and professional life. We adopt an inside-out approach with holistic solutions in these areas, to help you curate a winsome and wholesome personal branding that accentuates the best of you, with visual poise and demeanor:

1. Personal

As unique individuals with different assets, personalities and characters, we all will nonetheless feel good about ourselves when we look good, or vice versa. The way we think often dictates the way we feel; and the way we feel often dictates the way we behave; and the way we behave influences the way we live and how others see us. Self-esteem is such a critical key in unleashing your hidden potential to be who you really are, and how you can be transformed with a renewed mindset. We help you to discover your true potential and refine the way you think and feel so that you see yourself in a better light, which will naturally effectuate the way you carry yourself.

2. Social

Men and women alike are struggling with overwhelming choices of colours, cuts, styles, patterns and materials. In today’s consumerist society, the shopping scene has been very fast paced where most follow fashion trends blindly without truly understanding if a particular colour, style or cutting really flatters them or only to magnify their weakness. Leave to us the dilemma of being a modern-day socialite, we will take care of the needful in bringing out the best in you.

3. Professional

Irrespective of trades, whether you are fresh out of school or about to embark on the next career move, in today’s competitive business landscape, personal disposition can overshadow qualifications, accolades and even experiences. People often deduce your level of competence, intelligence and credibility, based on what you wear and how you carry yourself. It is often said that your image is your best resume, and a good business etiquette is your best testimony. Set yourself apart with us, and you will soon be scaling the ladder of success.

Dare to be different with us- be a star that shines!

About the Founder

Anna Lim, Professional Image cum Beauty Consultant

Anna graduated in Business Management, and was involved in Administrative & Human Resource related jobs for many years. While being a HR personnel, she was also involved in beauty related services as an interest. Anna is an approachable, sociable, friendly, thoughtful & helpful person.

A person’s beauty and the impression he/she leaves with others is a combination of their appearance, along with his/her behavior and attitude. For instance, an improper posture or greeting will leave an irreversible bad impression especially in the first meeting with others. Throughout her years of service, Anna met with people from all walks of life, and she discovered that many candidates and businesses had lost career and business opportunities as a result of their image. Experienced in both corporate and beauty industries, Anna now runs her own business in Beauty, Makeup, and Image Consultation. Anna is able to share and guide you with tips on expressing yourself well through proper Appearance, Behavior and Communication skills. With these knowledge and experiences she has, she is qualified and can share with you the beauty from the inside out, from top to toe, as a one-stop solution through beauty services, image consultation, and etiquette courses.



  • Diploma in Professional Image Consultant
    • Graduated from SWET Advancement Training Centre with knowledge and experience in personal image coaching.
    • Body particulars analysis, men’s grooming, color systems, business and social etiquette, dining etiquette and professional presenter.
    • Friendly and effective Personal Image Consultation.
  • International Image Institute (Canada)
    • Able to groom clients with color systems at an advanced level.
    • Selecting the suitable colors for a client’s dress code, hair color, cosmetics’ color.
  • Certificate in Etiquette Proficiency Trainer
    • Graduated from Etiquette Image International.
  • Diploma In Professional Beauty Therapy
    • Providing professional facial treatment and consultation on skin care.
    • Having both practical and educational experience on how to take care of individual skin.
  • Certificate in Bridal Make-up & hair styling
    • Make-over for difference occasions like wedding, corporate event, party, studio photoshoot and so on.
  • Diploma in Business Studies (Business Administration & Management)
    • Understanding and meeting client’s needs with proper business management.


  • July 2012 – being invited as speaker for student project in Ngee Ann Polytechnic (Diploma in Chinese Media & Communication)
  • August 2012 – Make-up for group stage performance – D’Artiste
  • Nov 2013 – Image and Emotion Management Workshop
  • Feb 2014 – Personal Make-up Workshop
  • Feb 2014 – Social Etiquette Workshop
  • July 2014 – Personal Make-over course
  • February 2015 – Professional Make-up and Business Etiquette Course
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