Facial Treatment

Facial Treatment / Skin care / Beauty Consultation

Our skin condition and its texture reflects our personal image. It also reflects our cleanliness, health condition and age. Therefore, if you want to improve your skin condition and live more confidently, please approach our beautician and get more related advice. Consultation for skin care is free!


a. Hydra Sensi Imperial Treatment

More Beautiful and more Hydrated Skin.

Target Beauty: Precious active ingredients are used in this hydration programme that restores radiance and gives a glowing complexion. Rehydrates the skin, help reinforces its natural protective mechanism and improves its suppleness.

Result: Your skin will feel more hydrated and plumped.


b. Perfect White Cell Lucent Treatment

Brings back radiance and lightens pigmentation.

Target Beauty: An effective treatment which removes dead cells responsible for dull complexions and reduces the appearance of pigmentation marks.

Result: The results are visible. The complexion is lighter and pigmentation marks have faded in four sessions.


c. Dermaclean Clearapeutic Treatment

Clear and Acne-Free skin.

Target Beauty: Sebum Control, Anti-Inflammatory, Clears Acne.

Result: The face is clarified, the skin looks finer, cleaner and acne cleared.


d. Total Solution Soin HydraFresh Treatment

Deep Cleansing and Freshening Treatment.

Target Beauty: Exfoliates dead skin cells to brighten up dull, lack-lustre skin and to prepare skin for better absorption of skincare products.

Result: Skin is clear and radiant, breathes better and is more receptive to the subsequently applied skin care products.

hydrolysed_collagen-254x300e. Hydrolysed Collagen Program

An immediate lift effect treatment by means of facial muscle stimulation.

Target Beauty: Create a natural temporary facelift effect by lifting features through our unique facial massage technique.

Result: After the first treatment, you will see the visible results of lifted facial features. The skin has regained its tone and surface wrinkles have faded.


f. Eye Treatment

Benefits: Reduce wrinkle, water retention & black circle and helps in moisturising.

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